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Hacks, tips and tricks on Sony MD units...

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Welcome to my MiniDisc page!

I will try to gather many resources and list some tips that can make the MiniDisc use even more fun and enjoyable. The page is intended for use by experienced Sony MD deck owners. Beginners start here.

Comments and questions are welcome.

Peter Ravn,
Copenhagen Aug. 31, 1999. SPAM preventer


Tips and tricks on Sony decks:

The tips on how to upgrade discs and to upgrade for later use have I found out by myself - the other tips have I found mainly from MDCP.

Test modes on compact units

I hereby reject any liability or responsibility, whatsoever, for consequences resulting from the use of this information. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to your equipment, to your data, to other equipment and to other data.

Several have asked about service mode (test mode) on compact units, often I couldn't help - but now I found out the following (all Sony models)- please beware of possible risks.

Highlight area with mouse to read text! Remember entering test mode can harm your unit: