Philips SBC RU880 Universal Remote

Philips SBC RU880 Universal Remote
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The remote can control 8 TV/VCR/SAT/DVD/CD/MD/TUNER/AMP etc. units. It has a large library of preprogrammed codes, but it can also learn from other remotes. Moreover it's capable of emitting FM signals (RF) to control the Philips Power Systems.

My main reason to buy the remote is the built-in timer functions. You can program the remote on a specific time to perform up to 10 keystrokes, like turning on the Amplifier, turn on the tuner, turn on the MD, start recording on MD. Up to 8 timers is available. You will need 2 timers settings if you also want the unit(s) to stop/turned off. Making it possible to have 4 timer settings active. The timers can be set to once, daily or on a weekly basis. Thus making recording of you favourite program very easy. You just have to insert a disk with sufficient space and the remote most point at the unit(s). The remote is the only one I have seen with timer functions programmable direct on the remote - (some other remotes have a timer function, but can only be programmed on a PC and that makes things complicated and time consuming).

I bought the remote at one of Germany's biggest stores, Brinckmann - click on TV,HiFi,Video, - Zubehör - Fernbedinungen or click here. But I am sure you can find it in other stores.

Feel free to ask me questions about the remote.

Peter Ravn
Copenhagen, Feb. 24, 2000.

Known problems:
  • The unit cannot learn the Pioneer 525 DVD player codes and other Pioneer DVD players.
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